Ray Ban Repair

rayban repairThe Ray Ban sunglasses are some of the most popular styles in sunglasses. They are actually having a comeback of sorts. In recent history the popularity of Ray Ban sunglasses actually died down a little. Today, thanks to celebrities and athletes, the Ray Bans are the trendy thing to wear again.


Through repeated use though, the Ray Ban sunglasses do get work out, scratched, or broken. When this happens the owner of the Ray Ban sunglasses has just a few options for Ray Ban repair. They have the option of contacting the Ray Ban manufacturer themselves, contacting a local sunglass repair shop, or they can try to fix their sunglasses on their own.


The first option is to contact the Ray Ban manufacturer. They have a program called the product repair program. This program covers all Ray Ban sunglasses that are not covered by the standard warranty or are past their allotted warranty period. This program is directly covered by the Ray Ban manufacturer.


When sending a pair of sunglasses to the manufacturer for Ray Ban repair there are a few things to keep in mind. First off there is a nominal charge for their repair services. Typically this is not a tremendous amount considering the high cost that was already paid for the pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. In addition to the nominal charge there is also a non refundable shipping charge for all repairs.


To get a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses repaired the owner just needs to carefully package their Ray Ban sunglasses in a shipment box. They should include their name, a return address, and a brief description issue with the pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. Included with this shipment should be a payment for the non refundable shipping fee. Right now this cost is $12.50. This covers the cost of shipping the Ray Ban sunglasses back to the customer.


A second option for Ray Ban repair is to take the sunglasses to a local repair shop. A simple search can reveal all of the local repair shops in the area. It should be noted that these are not authorized places of repair. All that means is that Ray Ban’s warranty will not cover any repairs done by a third party. Of course if the sunglasses are already out of warranty then it really does not matter at all.


The final way to repair Ray Ban sunglasses is to do it by one’s self. This can be a little tricky but is often very doable for small issues such as minor scratches or loose frames. If the lenses need to be replaced it is possible to purchase replacement lenses for Ray Ban sunglasses. This is a much cheaper option than buying a new pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. Installation of the lenses are not all that difficult either.


These are the basic ways to fix a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. The most important thing to do is to first check about the warranty. This option is always free if covered.

How to Repair Ray Bans

rayban repairRay Ban sunglasses are actually very expensive. What is even more expensive is the costs of repair for a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. Now getting the sunglasses repaired is cheaper than purchasing a brand new pair of sunglasses but it is still not cheap. There is an alternative though. One thing a person can always do is to try and repair their Ray Ban sunglasses by themselves. Here is how to repair Ray Bans.


For minor scratches to the sunglass lenses one of the best ways to fix the scratch is with a special scratch removal formula. There are several options available but they all work about the same. The specially formulated gel is applied to the scratched surface of the sunglass lense. It is then gently wiped from the lense itself. After a few minutes the gel is then dried and if it worked properly the scratch should disappear and look like new.


For broken or much larger scratches the best thing to do for Ray Ban repair is to just purchase a replacement lense. There are options available where the sunglass owner can purchase a matching lense. Once received they can then just install the replacement lense on his or her own. It may sound difficult but it really is not all that difficult. The great thing about it is purchasing a new lense for the Ray Ban sunglasses is much cheaper than purchasing a brand new pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.


Another way on how to repair Ray Bans is to purchase a sunglass repair kit. This is a good solution for when the Ray Ban sunglasses have broke or missing screws for the frame or the back of the sunglasses need to be replaced. There are options to purchase just the needed pieces to replace the broken parts of the Ray Ban frames. This sure beats the cost of having to purchase a brand new pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.


Finally, if all else fails, the remaining way for how to repair Ray Bans is to contact a local sunglass repair shop or to contact the manufacturer directly. A local repair shop is typically faster than shipping the damaged or broken Ray Ban sunglasses to the manufacturer. It can also be cheaper as well. The only stipulation is that the Ray Ban sunglasses will not be covered by any warranty if an outside person or company repairs the Ray Ban sunglasses. Now of course if the warranty has expired then there really is no tradeoff between the two options. The best thing to do here is to shop around for the best price on Ray Ban repair.


The key to fixing a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses is to first not panic. These are expensive sunglasses and sometimes people panic because of that. The good news is that there are actually many options available for Ray Ban repair. A person just needs to take to time to carefully weigh all of their options when it comes to getting their Ray Ban sunglasses repaired.

Where to Find Ray Ban Repair

rayban repairWhen a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses becomes broken or scratched the first question that many people ask is “where to find Ray Ban repair shops?”. What a person needs to first do is to take a moment to evaluate all of their options. The cheapest option by far is to try and repair their sunglasses on their own. This just involves purchasing a repair kit or a replacement part.


When the option of a quick repair is not available then next best thing to do is to look for where to find Ray Ban repair shops in the area. In most medium to large sized towns there is usually a sunglass repair shop or a glass repair shop. In some cases there are sunglass repair shops alongside or inside of watch repair shops. It is good to search for both to find out who can repair the damaged pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.


If searching locally does not turn up any options another place to look is online. This is actually a fairly fast growing niche for sunglass owners looking for where to find Ray Ban repair. The process is fairly simple. A person goes online and fills out their repair order. They include all of their contact information, billing, and a brief description of the problem with the Ray Ban sunglasses.


Once the repair order is placed the online repair shop typically sends a shipping label to the customer. In most cases the online repair shop will charge the customer for the shipping costs though there are repair shops who do not charge anything for shipping. For the most part it will cost a little money here.


The customer then takes the shipping label and places it on a package containing the broken pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.The main thing that the Ray Ban owner needs to be careful of is to pack the sunglasses in a box that prevents the Ray Ban sunglasses from being further damaged or broken during shipment.


Once the pair of Ray Ban sunglasses has been received by the online repair shop they will get to work right away on repairing the sunglasses. Typically this does not take all that long because they know the importance of having sunglasses for any outside activity. Once the Ray Ban sunglasses are repaired the customer will be notified of the completion of the sunglass order and they will then charge the customer for their services. Once payment for the repaired pair of Ray Ban sunglasses has been received they repair shop will then ship the sunglasses back to the customer.


Now if a customer chooses to send their Ray Ban sunglasses back to the manufacturer they can do this as well. The process is basically the same. Customers will be charged for shipping and then also be charged for parts and labor to repair the Ray Ban sunglasses. The only exception to this rule is if the Ray Ban sunglasses are currently covered under their warranty.

History of Ray Ban

rayban repairThe history of Ray Ban sunglasses goes all the way back to 1937 when the brand was first launched by Bausch and Lomb. Originally the Ray Ban sunglasses were developed by Bausch and Lomb for the military and in particular for the United States Army Air Corps. The veterans liked the sunglasses so much that they kept them and wore them as civilians. This is really what helped to spread the popularity of this brand in the early years.


After a few decades of huge popularity the Ray Ban sunglasses began to taper off. There was just not a very effective marketing plan in place. Bausch and Lomb really didn’t know what to do with this brand that they created. Then in 1999 the Italian giant Luxottica Group purchased the brand from Bausch and Lomb.


Now it should be noted that the Luxottica Group has control over practically everything related to vision and eyewear. Today the Italian group owns practically every single major brand of products and services related to vision and eyewear, which of course includes the Ray Ban brand. They are the leading experts in being able to create luxury value in brands that were not once thought of as a luxury item. The Ray Ban sunglasses are a prime example of what they can do to a product.


The history of Ray Ban sunglasses may have started with Bausch and Lomb and the United States Army Air Corp but it was not until the Luxottica Group took over that the brand hit the stratosphere in popularity. Today the biggest celebrities and sports figures don their Ray Ban sunglasses when they are out in public. And a vast majority of these celebrities and sports figures actually get paid to wear and pose for pictures with their Ray Ban sunglasses on.


There is also the widespread use of all types and brands of sunglasses including the Ray Ban sunglasses in movies and TV shows. These products are carefully placed on the actors or actresses to promote a style that viewers will most certainly want to replicate. This is a fantastic way to market and it can be tastefully done so that it is not obvious at all.


Now for regular consumers, they are not so fortunate to get paid to wear Ray Ban sunglasses. They are an expensive accessory so when they break they cannot just go out and purchase or pick up a new pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. Instead they may have to look at Ray Ban repair options. This is most certainly the cheaper way to continue wearing Ray Ban sunglasses. Ray Ban repair shops are available both locally and online.


Interestingly, another thing to add to the history of Ray Ban sunglasses is the recent emergence of so many Ray Ban repair options. This is especially true for those feeling the economic crunch that is going on throughout the world. Luxury sunglasses are simply not affordable any more. Thankfully there are so many more options today to get any pair of sunglasses repaired.